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Bring a smile and your winter gear for the return of Eat Great Winter! Scheduled for February 27 - March 1, 2022, we’re excited to #TeamUp with Bay City for this one-of-a-kind dining experience at Wenonah Park. 


Volunteer Descriptions


The Admissions committee will be the first people to greet the nightly attendees. Volunteers will be responsible for staffing the admissions table to ensure all spectators have the proper tickets for entry (tickets, valid ID, and wristband participants). Once admitted, the Admission volunteers will pass the guests to the Eat Great Ambassadors who will direct them to their designated igloo. 


Zone Assistant

While the event is taking place, we need help carrying and delivering courses to each Eat Great igloo. Volunteers will assist the two hosts in delivering and checking on the guests. Once the meals are ready to be served, volunteers will help transport meals to the various igloos and make sure all parties are satisfied for the evening. 


Setup Crew

In the morning of each event day, the setup crew will assist the Outlyr Team and restaurant vendors in preparing the venue for the evening. Typical tasks will include setting and positioning tables/chairs, moving event decor such as mobile fireplaces, and transporting restaurant supplies. All volunteers will help make the venue look clean and ready to host a spectacular evening event. 


Pouring Committee

Volunteers on the Pouring Committee will be tasked with pouring drinks for the igloos. The drinks will be limited to beer and wine, and be presented in a flight for guests on their table. All drink numbers are predetermined so volunteers won't have to worry about cocktails/specialty drinks. 


Eat Great Ambassador

As an Ambassadors, you will be located in the Admission's tent helping to greet spectators, answer questions regarding directions, evening events, and any other Eat Great related information. After check-in, Eat Great Ambassadors will lead guests to their designated igloo.

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